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Two things are certain when it comes to the future of drones: they will be completely autonomous and on the “grid”. Aerial robots will be as ubiquitous and commonplace in every industry as tractors are today on the farm.

We provide industry specific, custom aerial solutions. Integrated drone services require specialized hardware, software and training. Easy Aerial has the talent, know-how and resources to create the robots that you need.

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Unmanned Security

Upgrade your security while cutting operational costs

Easy Aerial integrated drone based security solution is a new and innovative service that will help improve the security of your business while reducing operational costs. The service will integrate the use of drones to your current security system without the need of hiring licensed pilots or even buying the drones (depends on level of service chosen). The drones are operated using Easy Aerial patent software Global ARC that enables the drones to fly autonomously and execute pre planned missions.

The drones will have two major functions: (1) routine fence patrol; (2) immediate  eye-in-the-sky. The drones themselves are equipped with high-zoom and/or thermal cameras. It is also possible to add microphones, loud speakers, projector lights or even a small radar. The drones can fly up to one hour depending on the type of drone and payload. Auto recharge points on the ground combined with Easy Aerial patent precision landing technique enables minimum personnel needed to operate the drones. Training and maintenance services might be included.

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Search and Rescue

Let us help you find it faster

Easy Aerial RemoteDroneService™ is an immediate search and rescue solution that can launch a drone anywhere in the world to help Search & Rescue personnel fulfill their mission from finding lost travelers to fire watching and to assist police in remote locations. The solution is based on Easy Aerial global ARC system that enables the control of the drones from a remote location using cellular (GSM/LTE) and/or satellite communication. The drones are pre-placed at strategic places in a safe launch-pad that guards them from weather and keeps them charged ready to be called for help. In time of need the drones are in the air in less than one minute. The drones can fly between 30-60 min depending on the payload and weather conditions.

Easy Aerial SearchHelper™ is a modular light drone that can easily be carried by a Search & Rescue personnel in a specially tailored backpack. When needed the drone is in the air in less than 1 minute giving the Search and Rescue personnel an Eye-In-The-Sky (RGB and/or Thermal Live video). The drones can fly between 30-50 min depending on the type of payload. It is possible to rent drones and payloads for certain operations instead of buying.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Inspection and survey

Drones don’t get tired. They love to do the same mission over and over again, Just give them a chance.

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Food production optimization

Drones have a unique advantage in being able to provide live data from a range of sensors for in-depth analysis of crop and livestock health. Precision agriculture was the first drone related service that emerged in the US and is still considered the biggest market for drone services.In precision agriculture the farmer uses drones for constant monitoring of the fields and the crops health.

The most common payload is called an NDVI camera that can “see” the crops health and can also spot areas in the field that didn’t got enough water. a detailed explanation about how the camera works can be found on our sitre  http://easyaerial.com/research-and-development-payloads/.

Easy Aerial drones are perfect for agriculture related application because of our long flight time (compared to competition) and our large variety of payloads. We also offer unique option to fly our drones without going to the field by performing automatic missions from remote location via cellular/satellite communication.
The complete solution for agriculture will include: (1) SkySAR housing: The drone will take-off and land automatically and the drones battery will be charged from the base of the housing; (2) EA700XL Pro drone with high-zoom, thermal or NDVI cameras; (3) Tailored Global ARC system that includes a small command room in the farmers house so he can see all the drones video real-time from his location.

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Oil & Gas

Making sure there are no leaks

Oil lines needs constant monitoring in order to insure there is no oil or poisonous gas leaks along the pipelines. Easy Aerial is currently working on the integration of a “gas sniffer” that could fly over oil lines and find potential leaks in an easy and affordable way.

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Gather all the information in an easy affordable way

Drones are perfect for mapping! Repeatable, accurate flight makes a drone the ideal flight platform for ground mapping. The combination of today’s high resolution cameras and inexpensive flying robots enables mapping at a level of detail never before imagined. Easy Aerial XL pro combined with a QX1 camera is the ultimate candidate for accurate affordable mapping. Mapping is available in 2D or as a 3D model of the terrain. A drone mapping platform for easy, fast and accurate aerial data acquisition that will enable you to take informed and targeted action. (see example sent to us from a happy costumer: Mapping in the African coast line using EA700XLPro https://lnkd.in/g34mkKc)

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Damage analysis is the first thing we do after something bad happens

Insurance industry could save as much as $6.8 billion per year by using drones  (estimate by Pricewaterhouse Cooper). Fraud costs insurance companies approximately $32 billion per year (or about $0.10 of every dollar paid out in loss and loss adjustment expenses) and drones can allow insurers to keep better tabs on customers and reduce payments on fraudulent claims by consistent capturing of insured property (e.g. a  homeowner might use a recent storm as cover to claim pre-existing damage to aluminum siding as a storm loss) and to check the work of adjusters whose claims deviate significantly from their peers. We offer two types of services for Insurance companies: (1) Drones for a quick and easy damage assessment after a natural disaster  – we will supply a drone kit suitable to fly in extreme weather condition and basic training for selected personnel that can be avilable to have a first impression assessment after a severe event.

(2) Drones for routine inspection of properties – we will supply relatively inexpensive drones and are really easy to operate. Drones are one of the hottest topics in the roofing industry today. The idea of using a high-tech flying camera to reduce your time spent on dangerous roofs is too tempting to ignore. Our unique patent technology enables us to offer a service where the insurance personnel on the ground needs only to turn the drone on and all the flying and mission planning is performed from a remote location (depends on FAA approval in US; depends mainly on population density in the requested area).

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Who we are?

We are Easy Aerial

Agile team experienced in developing hardware and software for unmanned aerial vehicles

Ivan Stamatovski

Ivan Stamatovski

Founder & President
Industrial Designer
Experience in using open-source hardware and software to build commercial platforms
Ido Gur

Ido Gur

Co-Founder & Product Development Manager
Aerospace engineer. UAV specialist. Previously head of the Advanced UAV Development Group of the Israeli Air Force
Ninoslav Adžibaba

Ninoslav Adžibaba

Mechanical engineer
Extensive experience in building software and hardware for VR applications.
Mohammad Hefny

Mohammad Hefny

Computer Science Engineer
Extensive experience in building software and hardware for multirotors


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