Easy Aerial

  • Providing advanced aerial monitoring security service
  • Delivering both scheduled and on-demand real-time monitoring
  • Customized, affordable and easy to operate monitoring system
  • Integrated with existing perimeter security systems and sensors
The Smart Security System

We Are Easy Aerial

We provide superior, versatile and customized security monitoring results around the clock at an affordable cost.

The Smart Security System

Easy Aerial is developing an innovative, holistic aerial monitoring solution with the following components:

Easy DroneEasy GuardEasy RMS




The Smart Security System delivers both scheduled and on-demand real-time data tailored to our clients’ exact needs at an affordable cost. Additionally, the Smart Security System use artificial intelligence algorithms for autonomous activation and engagement upon receiving alert indications from various stationary perimeter security components such as cameras, fence detection systems and other and sensors.



The Smart Security System is a turnkey, holistic solution and our clients are not required to comply with any pre-integration settings or purchase any components. We install and deploy the Smart Security System on site, train our clients to set and operate the system and provide periodic and on-call maintenance and support services.



We believe that our Smart Security System will revolutionize the entire perimeter-security market due to its advanced autonomous versatile capabilities, superior monitoring results, high efficiency and affordable cost.









Easy Drone

Modular Lightweight Quadcopter Drone

Can carry a variety of payloads (IR, HD, projector lights or speakers) up to 6lbs of cargo

Strong, light, durable frame made from carbon fiber

Extended flight time (up to 60 minutes)

Performing scheduled and on-demand monitoring tasks

Modular – replace payloads without tools

Can fly through in rain, snow, and up to 30MPH winds


Easy Guard


Mobile and robust design

Autonomous, cable-free electric self-charging technology

Power-grid independent

Short charging cycle (20-45 minutes)

Precision landing mechanism

Modular design to fit 3rd party drones

Wind and temperature sensors


Providing long-term protection from the elements (up to 12 months)

Easy RMS

Cloud-Based Communication & Management Software

Remotely commands a single drone or an entire fleet

Real-time data and video feed transmitted over unlimited distance via secured cellular communication

Intuitive user interface

Secured web access

Quick mission planning and real-time manual mission override

Multiple payload data, thermal imaging and ability to engage (light, sound)

Advanced identification features under development (auto-follow objects; distinguish between objects)

Selected Technical Specifications

  • 60
  • 80%
  • 100%
  • 50MPH

We bring a practical and effective approach to every project we work on.

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Business Model

Since the Smart Security System is a turnkey, holistic and customizable solution, no pre-integration is required.


We operate on a “Service Leasing Model” basis, so all charges costs are included in a flat monthly fee, upon client’s 12 months minimum subscription commitment.


We will install and deploy the Smart Security System onsite and will also provide training and ongoing maintenance services at no additional cost.


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