Easy Guard


Easy Guard is a mobile, self-sustaining “housing” ground station that provides charging capabilities (20-45 minutes for a full charging cycle) and protection from the elements (up to 12 months) to the Easy Drone.


Charging technique

Easy Guard is equipped with a internal battery that is chargeable by any power generator. The Easy Drone charges directly from the internal battery without any human intervention. The mechanical element of the precision positioning system of the Easy Drone in the Easy Guard is an Easy Aerial patent (PATENT 62/427,512[US]).


Operating commands of the Easy Guard are communicated through radio, cellular, or satellite communication (via iridium network), according to our clients’ needs and requirements.

Precision landing

GPS technology guides the Easy Drone to the proximity of the Easy Guard. Then, an infrared guiding system integrated into the Easy Drone precisely lands the drone into the Easy Guard. Finally, a patented mechanical element on the surface of the launchpad rotates the Easy Drone to an exact position for charging.




Mobile and robust design

Autonomous, cable-free electric self-charging technology

Power-grid independent

Short charging cycle (20-45 minutes)

Precision landing mechanism

Modular design to fit 3rd party drones

Wind and temperature sensors


Providing long-term protection from the elements (up to 12 months)





Inside and outside cameras