Global A.R.C

Global A.R.C ( is a full service UAV software deployment and management system with built in airspace compliance and live video feed from drones. It was built for professionals looking to manage their fleets and engage in commercial UAV operations. Global ARC enables companies and service providers to integrate UAV operations into their day to day activities and quickly scale while automatically complying with current rules and regulations.

Drone Command Center in the Cloud.  Real-Time Mission Planning and Project Collaboration.  Our system connects directly to the autopilot and puts any autonomous vehicle under your control. It provides realtime data feed from the drone and allows dynamic geofencing and compliance.

This service was built on top of our unique patented technology for peer-to-peer communication between autonomous vehicles. It enables instantaneous communication and control of robots across unlimited distances using cellular networks. It can be applied to any air, surface or water vehicle as long as they are in range of cellular networks anywhere in the world. We are currently working on adding satellite connectivity that would be able to work literally anywhere in the world.