Intellectual Property

We have filed 2 patents with the USPTO and 3 additional patents will be filed in 2018.




PATENT 62/427,512 (US)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Charging Station Centering Mechanism (Provisional)


Mechanical solution for placing an autonomous vehicle in the same centered position each time it comes back to the landing pad.


PATENT 4/949,541 (US)

System and Method of Controlling Autonomous Vehicles (Pending, in discussion with USPTO)


Methods of controlling unmanned vehicles (UVs). UVs may include any type of vehicle, such as airplanes, helicopters, quadcopters, boats, cars, and any other device capable of travel. UVs consistent with the present disclosure may be autonomously controlled, e.g., self directed, and/or may be remotely controlled by either humans and/or software.