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Persistent Tethered Flight

Up to 11 lbs of Payload Capacity

Drone-in-a-Box on the Move

Advanced Mobile Military-Grade Solutions

Built for Harsh Environments

Supporting Mobile Military Operations on Vehicles and Vessels

Advanced On-Site Inspection

Persistent Surveillance with Tethered or Free Fly Systems

Easy Site

Easy Site Inspection systems are designed for ground operations that require a more robust payload capacity, as opposed to our Easy Mobile systems which provide rugged solutions with lighter payload capacity for on the move operations.

Free Flight System:

Advanced, affordable, and portable, our autonomous free-flight aerial monitoring system can be configured to meet a multitude of operational requirements. Not only can the drone automatically deploy from a ground station upon a security trigger such as a vibration sensor, fire alarm, or distress call, but it also can self-deploy and recharge for each scheduled mission. With an Easy Site free flight system, each drone can take off from and land in a different ground station, allowing for long-range inspections and monitoring missions while recharging at multiple locations.

Tethered System:

The tethered version of the Easy Site system features unlimited flight time and unparalleled data security. The entire operation, from takeoff to landing, is completely autonomous and can be performed remotely without the need for on-site intervention. The system features a 60m (200 ft) or a 100m (330 ft) data-over-power (DOP) enhanced tether for resilient, and secure data security. This persistent solution can support continuous flight even in extreme weather conditions, and it offers precise hovering over the ground station, including vehicle-follow functionality, even in GPS-denied environments.

46" x 46" x 28"
System Weight
233.2 lbs (without payload)
Computing Power
Intel i7 Internal Web Server
Flight Endurance
45 min with empty payload, 30 min with maximum payload (2200g) Persistent Tethered Flight 4.4 lbs on free flight UAV
5 lbs on tethered system
100-240 V AC 2000W DC
Wind Gust Limit
35 Kts
Payload Capacity
8 lbs on tethered UAV 5 lbs on free flight UAV
Max Height
(Tether option)
200 ft or 330 ft
All Weather Wind Tolerance 25 mph

System Components

The tethered version of our system features extended flight time and unparalleled data security.

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